Some members of the Genus Coryphantha

Coryphantha albicolumnaria

Coryphantha chaffeyi

Coryphantha cornifera

Coryphantha dasyacantha

Coryphantha duncanii

Coryphantha echinus

Coryphantha echinus radians

Coryphantha erecta

Coryphantha hesteri

Coryphantha macromeris

Coryphantha minima

Coryphantha poselgeriana

Coryphantha radians

Coryphantha ramillosa

Coryphantha robertii

Coryphantha runyoni

Coryphantha sneedii var. albicolumnaria

Coryphantha sulcata

Coryphantha tuberculosa

Coryphantha vivipara

Growing with an L. williamsii population at El Huizache, SLP.


Growing with a population of L. koehresii (aka L. viridescens etc.) near Tula, Tamaulipas.

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