Wild cacti in their youth

Part 2: Youngsters in the Tamaulipan Thornscrub

Several of these are seedlings around 2 or 3 years of age
(even less in the first Astrophytum asterias image and the first pair of Lophophora williamsii images).
Some of the others provide clues as where they were hiding during their tender years.

Part 1: Chihuahuan Desert

Astrophytum asterias

Tamaulipas, México

Shown shortly after being completely submerged by a brief period of rain-induced flash flooding.

Coryphantha robertii (now Escobaria emskoetteriana)

Starr County, Texas

Coryphantha robertii
Coryphantha robertii

The lower image above was taken following a prolonged period of drought.

(now Mammillaria) sphaerica

Jim Hogg County, Texas

Starr County, Texas

Notice all the seedlings to the far right in the right-hand image?

Echinocactus texensis

Starr County, Texas

Echinocereus enneacanthus

Starr County, Texas

Echinocereus poselgeri

Starr County, Texas

The arrows in the first image point to three rather blurry Echinocereus poselgeri seedlings.
The arrows in the second image indicate three rather blurry Opuntia leptocaulis seedlings.

Hamatocactus setispinus

Jim Hogg County, Texas
Starr County, Texas

And more of the same species growing on another property located farther to the south and west in Starr County:

Finger and Lophophora are included above for scale.

Lophophora williamsii williamsii

Jim Hogg County, Texas -- except for lowermost right-hand seedling that was in
Starr County, Texas

The Lophophora seedling in the first row above was noticed only when accidently uncovered.

Mammillaria heyderi

Jim Hogg County, Texas

Opuntia engelmannii lindheimeri

This youngster in
Jim Hogg County, Texas just formed its first real pad.

lindheimerii var. of engelman's

Opuntia (Cylindropuntia) leptocaulis

Starr County, Texas

Part 1:
Youth in the Chihuahuan Desert

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