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         The goals of CCI include obtaining the scientific understanding of the biological and ecological requirements of the cactus species peyote and star cactus, as well as gaining the community support needed to acquire & maintain a large enough tract of land in the South Texas habitat in order to ensure that both of these plants have a permanent and protected sanctuary. We have made significant progress towards that goal thanks to public and private support.
         Some of the never before attempted projects that are now ongoing or are waiting to be undertaken are listed in the "Scientific Research Program" page.
         Funding for each step toward this vision can come from you.
         We urge you to give to this end.

         Your gift is tax deductible.

         If you are feeling a bit pinched from the current economic times,
           consider sending us $25 via PayPal.

      feeling pinched?

         Or for those who are able to show more substantial aupport, CCI offers some unique gifts.

      Handcrafted peyote jewelry

      El Trece in silver El Abuelo in silver El Mistico in silver

         Each handcrafted offering exemplifies a type and condition of these extraordinary plants we seek to protect.

      Click on each image for a description and the qualifying donation amount.

      El Brujo in silver La_Huella in bronze La Huella in silver
      La Huella as silver bolo El Brujo in turquoise matte Las Estrellitas in silver
      El Brujo in mystic green La Huella in mystic green Vortex in silver


      You might be asking "How was that possible? They look so realistic!"

      Each mold was carefully cast in situ in the natural setting in which the peyote was found, and the living peyote plant was left there undamaged to continue its existence. The appearance of these is therefore unique in that they are from living plants growing in their natural habitat. The form such plants take is considerably different from that of plants grown "in captivity".

      Each gift will come with a letter specifying the amount of the gift that is tax deductible,
      in accord with the IRS regulations. 

      Your contribution will entirely be used for projects as are described in the "Scientific Program" pages.
         No contribution will be used for compensation of any CCI staff member who will all continue to freely volunteer their time, labor and expertise. Including the making of this jewelry.

      Belts are not included with the belt buckle. 1 " belt size is the default (fits most jeans). 1" or 1 " is available upon request. The size options are for the actual size of the hardware installed on the back. The default size will be installed if none is specified by the donor.

      If you are interested in receiving a disc without belt hardware in order to have the configuration of your choice installed by your own jeweler or if you wish to "plant" and maintain your peyote button as a legal part of your cactus garden or collection, please indicate this in your request.

      This peyote is legal

        Donations are accepted by mail at:

        Cactus Conservation Institute, Inc.
        909 E. Sul Ross Ave.
        Alpine, Texas 79830

         Please make your check payable to: The Cactus Conservation Institute, Inc.

         Thanks to a suggestion from a supporter in Europe, we now can accept donations made in almost any currency via PayPal at the following account.

      Similarly Amazon Smiles will add a donation for us when purchases are made.

         If you are selecting a gift, include a mailing address, your name and all other contact information. If you have a shipping account CCI can use to ship your gift faster, the savings to us would be very much appreciated. CCI will send you a letter indicating the fair market value of the gift and the deductible portion of your donation. Those figures are not listed on the site due to the fluctuating value of precious metals.
      The posted minimum donation amounts are subject to increases.

         We welcome all email and snail mail with any feedback you have to offer.

         If a bronze is desired without a patina please let us know!

      El Brujo in bronze
      "El Brujo" in bronze

         For gold versions of any of the above, inquire.

        Star cactus (Astrophytum asterias ) jewelry may become available if the correct opportunity arises. Since wild grown plants make the most accurate images and only a handful of acres in the world exist where they can be found, CCI will only offer such castings if the appropriate and acceptable opportunity arises that permits molding without risking any harm to the living plant.

         Donors outside the USA, please contact the CCI regarding shipping methods.

      Email us:

          If you know someone who you feel would be interested in this project, forward this website to them.
          We look forward to hearing from you.

    Cactus Conservation Institute